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Dear Editor

The Community Center of Needham (CCN) would like to continue the momentum started by Coach Rachel Waldstein's excellent letter on September 23rd. CCN supports a new pool and recreation complex at Rosemary and seeks to ensure that this investment reaps the most gains possible for Needham now and for the next 50 years. Our work has identified a demand for new and expanded recreational, competitive and indoor pool facilities, we urge the Town to include the following concepts:

Build two pools, instead of one oversized pool. One 8 lane x 25 yard pool and one pool for recreational use with diving and slide features, for example, would satisfy most aquatic needs.

Two pools are advantageous because:

1) Expanded Programming: Competitive and recreational swimming can occur simultaneously.
2) Service: If one pool is contaminated, programs can remain open.
3) Efficiency: Less water is more economical to filter.
4) Workforce Management: With fewer guards at both ends of the season, one pool can remain open longer.
5) Education/Safety: Ability to walk perimeter of competition pool allows for better supervision, coaching and instruction.

Design and place these pools on the Rosemary site in a way that leaves open a future option to cover a competitive six-eight lane pool. This can be done with an Open Aire or similar structure for year-round use in the future.

Take full advantage of the Rosemary property. CCN appreciates that P&R is considering the entire Rosemary property in this project, including pools, bathhouse, trails and surrounding properties. We encourage P&R to thoroughly explore options for making this site a place where the community can gather all year-long, with particular attention being given to teens. Ideas include a skateboard park, climbing wall, boat rentals, etc.

We have an opportunity to design Rosemary Pool in a way that promotes the health and well-being of the entire Needham community through recreational, social, educational, cultural and community activities. We urge residents to stay involved and reach out to neighbors, Town Meeting Members, P&R Commissioners and Selectmen to guide this project forward. We urge the park and recreation department to consider all of the options as presented above.


Amy Hurley, Co-President
Maicharia Weir Lytle, Co-President
Katy Dirks, Board Member
JoAnne Ochalla, Board Member